Life Transitions: Uncovering and Birthing Your Authentic Self

hildegard-von-bingen-shipwreckWhat are your thoughts on this meme? Does it feel as if the ships are escaping a storm or are about to be shipwrecked because they left the confines of safety? Do you see it as an opportunity to escape the confines of the frame, or does it fill you with fear?

How does this translate to what is going on in your own life? Is it filled with chaos, turmoil, fear? Or excitement, growth, curiosity?

Life transitions can create all the above.

What is a life transition? A transition is the liminal space between the completion or ending of one way of life and the new life that is in the process of forming.

The following six elements are inherent in a Life transition: reorientation, personal growth, authentication, creativity, spirituality, renewal. A life transition can be thought of as the closing of one door and the opening of another. As our old life decomposes a new life begins to form and grow from the old. Life may be giving you an opportunity to live outside the box and escape the confines of a life that has grown too small.

On one side of the spectrum, transitions can be a time of fluctuating emotions, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, and confusion among others. On the other, they can become a time of anticipation, excitement, hope, and vision for a better future.

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It’s My Choice

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Surfing Waves of Thought, Emotion & Sensations



Here on the Monterey Peninsula it is evident that as we head further into fall and begin to round the corner on winter, the  ocean has taken on a restless quality. Many days contain a high surf and you can smell the ocean spray a half mile inland.

The ocean is an apt metaphor for what some may experience internally.

Sometimes we may feel unpleasant waves of thought, emotions, or body sensations. There are  times when thoughts repeatedly crash on the shores of our mind causing us to feel anxious or fearful. Other times destructive emotions or unpleasant body sensations may feel as if they are on an endless loop washing over us again and again. We may also project these into our environment.

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When stress is high, when a life transition begins to feel overwhelming, when frustration is at an all time high and your last nerve is about to snap, remember to BREATHE!

This week I have been keeping our breath at the forefront of our minds. How many admit to taking your breath for granted? How often do you tune into your breath?

When I was completing my undergraduate degree at Bastyr University one of my professors began each class with a meditation, often leading us in various forms of breath work. I enjoyed dropping out of my head and re-connecting with my body through my breath. It enabled me to calm the monkey-mind, become more present, and focus on the class.

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Breath is the Bridge


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Self Care, You’re Not Being Selfish

So what is “self care” and why is it important? I view it in terms of “caring for self” on multiple levels including our relationships, body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Are you nurturing your body by eating healthy food? Do you allow yourself to enjoy eating foods that may not be as healthy, choosing to eat in moderation? For example mindfully eating a couple cookies, a slice of tiramisu, a cup of gelato instead of the whole box or carton?

Are you catching your inner dialogue and reframing it when you belittle yourself? Are you kind to yourself? Do you offer yourself compassion or do you berate yourself?

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