-Roots of Intention and Branches of Positivity


Ghandi was correct when he said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits…”

I mentioned this in a previous post on my Facebook page and say it again because it is worth repeating. Our thoughts are very powerful; we tend to believe what we think, even when the thoughts are inaccurate.

Positive affirmations are a tool to help rewire habitual negative thought patterns. Allowing your thoughts to steep in positive affirmations affects your subconscious mind. The repeated use allows the subconscious mind to absorb the message which eventually allows you to view your life through a more positive lens.

I invite you to pick one, two, or three affirmations on this tree and regularly repeat them to yourself throughout the day for 3 weeks. Use the alarm on your phone, your watch, your Fitbit or post notes throughout your home, or on your desk to help remind you. This tool is one way to retrain the habitual negative loop you may get stuck in.

Are you curious? Or are you scoffing at the idea thinking it won’t work? Give it a try, see what happens, and let me know which ones worked or didn’t work for you.

Roots of Intention and Branches of Positivity Article 6/2015 (c) Liisa Gavlick, MA, LMFTA. All Rights Reserved


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