Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Lifes breath 2

Do you feel as if you are not making progress in your life and it frequently seems when you take two steps forward, you take one step back?….

It is helpful to reframe these thoughts when they invade our mind before they cause not only our thoughts but also our mood to spiral downward. Instead, we can choose to view the step back as a welcomed break, similar to the natural rhythmic pause between our in-breath and out-breath.

With this shift in thought, the step back becomes a natural pause offering respite from a multitude of change, from feeling overwhelmed, or the stressor(s) you are currently facing. Perhaps the step back is enabling one to gain momentum for the next steps forward to accomplish them with greater ease.

Just as there is a natural flow and rhythm to our breath, life’s breath has a rhythm of its own.

When we find ourselves experiencing a pause in our life, perhaps life is offering us an opportunity to recharge, to thoroughly acknowledge, to celebrate, and to integrate the steps we have taken thus far. When negative thoughts yammer away they disrupt life’s natural flow, we may become stuck in a repetitive negative downward cycle, we may develop unrealistic expectations, become impatient, or worse, fall into self-criticism and self-doubt. Which can lead a feeling of being stuck with no way out.

I invite you to monitor your thoughts and offer yourself compassion when you are out of sync with life’s rhythm. Even small steps forward are steps of progress. And may we remember if we experience a step back, to use it as a cue to rest before beginning our journey forward once again.

Liisa Gavlick, M.A.

© Revised 8/2016. Liisa Gavlick, M.A. All Rights Reserved




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