Self Care, You’re Not Being Selfish

So what is “self care” and why is it important? I view it in terms of “caring for self” on multiple levels including our relationships, body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Are you nurturing your body by eating healthy food? Do you allow yourself to enjoy eating foods that may not be as healthy, choosing to eat in moderation? For example mindfully eating a couple cookies, a slice of tiramisu, a cup of gelato instead of the whole box or carton?

Are you catching your inner dialogue and reframing it when you belittle yourself? Are you kind to yourself? Do you offer yourself compassion or do you berate yourself?

Do you allow yourself to feel your emotions? Or do you stuff, deny, avoid, or disregard them?

Do you nurture your spiritual side? Do you allow yourself the time and space for tuning in to that which renews you spiritually? This can be through religious practices, nature, creativity, etc.

When we practice self care and nurture ourselves we replenish our energy reserves. We then have more with which to give ourselves, our relationships, our work, and other responsibilities.

If we lack a regular self care routine, we continually withdraw from our energy account, until we deplete it. This can lead to feeling chronically exhausted.

If we frequently attack ourselves with our own thoughts or stuff our emotions they can lead to stress and tension in the body, potentially manifesting as headaches, nauseousness, or other aches and pains.

If we do not regularly nurture our spiritual side in ways that suit us best, we might begin to feel empty, and life might seem colorless.

See if any of the suggestions in the photo resonate with you. Make a promise to yourself and follow through with one self care item each day. See if you notice any changes in your energy levels, mood, and sleep cycles.

Are you being selfish when you nurture yourself? Absolutely not! It is vital to your overall wellbeing!

© 2016 Liisa Gavlick, M.A.  All Rights Reserved.
-Full Circle Wellness





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