Surfing Waves of Thought, Emotion & Sensations



Here on the Monterey Peninsula it is evident that as we head further into fall and begin to round the corner on winter, the  ocean has taken on a restless quality. Many days contain a high surf and you can smell the ocean spray a half mile inland.

The ocean is an apt metaphor for what some may experience internally.

Sometimes we may feel unpleasant waves of thought, emotions, or body sensations. There are  times when thoughts repeatedly crash on the shores of our mind causing us to feel anxious or fearful. Other times destructive emotions or unpleasant body sensations may feel as if they are on an endless loop washing over us again and again. We may also project these into our environment.

How do you manage them? What do you do?

To successfully manage them may require a shift in perspective. It may require exploring  multiple techniques to experience which are the most helpful for you. One size certainly  does not fit all.

Some might need a meditative or mindfulness type practice where you learn to focus on your breath or acknowledge what you are experiencing by naming it. Others may need a more physically oriented practice such as yoga, Tai-chi, or Chi gong. Some might need a combination of both mindfulness and physical activity.

Find what works best for you.

You can alter the habitual patterns of your mind, body, and emotions. It will require  compassion, persistence, and commitment. It may also require a guide, someone to walk with you, work with you, and offer guidance as you navigate your way to a healthier version of yourself.

If you are looking for support, I offer Life Coaching services to help you foster interpersonal growth and assist you in transforming maladaptive habits and thought patterns.  Together we will build a collaborative relationship to help you achieve successful growth, healthy change, and manifest the future you envision.

© 2016 Liisa Gavlick, M.A. -Full Circle Wellness





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