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Life Transitions: Uncovering and Birthing Your Authentic Self

The following six elements are inherent in a Life transition: reorientation, personal growth, authentication, creativity, spirituality, renewal. A life transition can be thought of as the closing of one door and the opening of another. As our old life decomposes a new life begins to form and grow from the old. Life may be giving you an opportunity to live outside the box and escape the confines of a life that has grown too small… Continue reading

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Outswimming Fear

This video completely enthralled me. I found myself clapping, laughing, and feeling admiration for the little Penguin. The little Penguin didn’t give in, and it didn’t give up. It continued to outmaneuver the Orcas and remained out of their reach. The instinct to survive was strong. I saw deeper lessons to be learned from this brave little bird of the Antarctic… Continue reading

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