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When stress is high, when a life transition begins to feel overwhelming, when frustration is at an all time high and your last nerve is about to snap, remember to BREATHE! This week I have been keeping our breath at … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Do you feel as if you are not making progress in your life and it frequently seems when you take two steps forward, you take one step back?….

It is helpful to reframe these thoughts when they invade our mind before they cause not only our thoughts but also our mood to spiral downward. Instead, we can choose to view the step back as a welcomed break, similar to the natural rhythmic pause between our in-breath and out-breath.

With this shift in thought, the step back becomes … Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency, What Do You Do?

There are some helpful ideas below. They are disaster preparedness and planning ideas, which you can start today and work on until completed. Hopefully long before you are in the midst of a disaster. Some of the natural disasters we experience here in this region are fire, earthquake, landslides, and floods. What type of natural disaster does your region typically face? This will also determine what you include in your preparations. When you are as prepared as you can be, it helps decrease panic, anxiety, and the stress of “Did I get everything? Did I forget anything?” Continue reading

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Monday’s Mindful Moment: A guided meditation

A guided meditation from Hay House that will relax, de-stress, and refresh you. Continue reading

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-Is It Normal To Grieve This Way? Part II -Mourning the Firsts

After the death of a loved one, the year after their passing holds many “firsts.” New waves of grief may engulf you as the calendar announces their birthday, anniversary, your faith’s religious holidays, the date of their passing, and other important events you shared.

Experiencing these firsts and the emotions that are brought to the surface can be an added challenge even if you are managing your grief and actively mourning your loss. Additionally, the anticipation of … Continue reading

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